Frame rates for PB Professional with Spektrum

  • I am looking for some advice on frame rate settings.

    I am planning to use Spektrum DX9 TX, Spektrum RX, PB Professional with mixture of Hitec servos - 2 x analogue (HS-485HB) and 7 x digital servos (HS-5645MG)..

    Spektrum frame rate options for TX/RX are 22ms or 11ms.

    PB frame rate options are 9-21ms.

    Which frame rates should I be using, and why?

    Should I go fully digital servos and what impact would that have?

    Thanks in advance for any help here.

    Note: I selected v01 software version but I have not actually checked that on my PB yet - I guess its not relevant to my question,

  • Thanks Richard

    Just to clarify, my DX9 will allow me to select 11 or 22ms, but Spektrum recommend 11ms is not used for analogue servos.

    However, my thinking is that 11ms might be ok (for the TX/RX) because it is the PB that is ultimately controlling the servos and not the RX. So using 11ms for TX/RX might be ok with analogue servos connected via PB, providing the PB frame rate is slower? Is my thinking correct?