Royal and door secuencer for F 14 Skymaster

  • Hello Richard, can you plkease advice to me, what can i do,.... i had been working 2 weeks in door secuencer in my royal into my F 14, the problem is understanding task, or perhaps another tip, in F 14 have one group of doors named ds2 and another doors named ds3, and retract named ds1, i need to now what select in down to up or up to down to program the secuencer, is not clear for me, and how i can command from gear down, first ds1 up, then ds3 close the ds2 close, those steps mark gear up to fly, the my problem is gear down, how i select?, and how i command the task, because i programed 6 task wirth the 3 ds operations in order as i tell you, but to gear down that order is not the same, in assistant work everything well, but when i need to open ds3 first do not work and the doors they lock together and do not allow deploy main gear.

    Thanks in advance

    Eugenio Oisel

  • mode 1 2 or 3 i guess is, if the model close some doors with legs down for example, isnt explained in the manual? In the manual reading many times is not well explained, better said is like chinese manual , there a lack of understanding :) but i use the mode 1 fine tunning did you mean move left or right the bar between kumpong to one doors to anothers?

    And my asking is about how many task must be a plane like this model, and what mean down and up or up and down, again, lack of explanation.

    Can you get me?

  • Hello,

    Mode 1: Doors open, Gear down - Gear up, doors close

    Mode 2: Doors open, gears down, back doors close - back doors open, gears up, all doors close

    Mode 3: Doors open, gears down, all doors close - all doors open, gears up, all doors close

    All tasks you setup under UP->DOWN are if you want to open the gears

    All tasks you setup under DOWN ->UP are if you want to retract the gears