Disable "GY RUDDER B" with conditions?

  • Like many modelers, I disable the nose wheel steering servo on my models when the landing gear is retracted to minimize drain/binding on the nose wheel servo. Typically I have this servo on a separate channel in my Futaba program, and it is very easy to disable that channel in certain flight conditions. But that means setting up the output on my PowerBox to "Direct 4" or whatever channel is assigned to the nose wheel. What I would like to do however is let the PowerBox gyro assist with the nose wheel, using the second GY RUDDER output in output mapping. But by doing this, it is only obeying the Rudder signal from Futaba and no longer does my setup to disable channel 4 limit it's motion in flight.

    Is there a way to accomplish both, use gyro on the nose wheel but also disable it when gear is retracted? Thanks.