Future Core updates

  • Hello

    I'm curious what does it mean ".. coming soon.." ?

    Of course, i understand everything needs time and has to be tested, but from your posted update list, i really expected V1.1 earlier and the flight modes(V 1.2) this summer :-).

    I know, summer is far away by viewing the weather forcast :-)

    If i calculate V1.1 as "coming soon" by end of June, then V 1.2 with Flightmodes can't be expected before october/november. Right ?

    It's a high end premium transmitter with low functionality at the moment.

    I hope the flexible assignment of servos to different receivers, when using more then one receivers, is included in V 1.1.. I use a 26D with 9D on a Mercury, and need the ability to assign Servos as a physically output on 9D as Channel 16 to 21. You promised this functionality on JP 2018.

    Regards Rainer

  • Sorry "Rainer" but really!

    Understand you want things now but.............When the upgrade comes, as with all PowerBox products, will be very good indeed. I'd rather wait and have it working well than rushed and fail as many have done in the past. This product (Core) is an investment in the future and will be done very well and in good time.

  • "Better safe than sorry" a wellknown expression that can and should be applied to the release of software updates.
    I'd rather wait for the updates to be thoroughly tested, rather than getting it a week too early.


  • Hello Usman8919,

    if I´m not complete wrong i think you can use a PPM input to your Interlink Controller. Right?

    In order to get a PPM Signal from the CORE System I would use a smal CORE receiver with the possibility to switch one Output to PPM.

    (I belive this feature will be available in the next CORE Software release). The only thing for you is to make a cable with a JR Servo connector as a Bridge to your Interlink cable set.

    For more Details on what type of Receiver to choose and the release I´m sure Richard can help.



  • Hi,

    Is it possible to update this list some so it is in line with current status (what has been done and what remain that has been decided to be released in foreseen future)? Press "Display More".

    As far as I understand some of the main features that still remain is:

    - The acapela TTS (Text To Speach) voice support.
    - The possibility to update transmitter and receivers via Wifi.

    - Futaba S.BUS support.

    - Maybe some planned use of the 9-axis motion sensor and the GPS in the transmitter?

    - Someting more?