Sparkswitch pro

  • Hi!

    Is there any posibility to lower the threshold of 4 volts in the batterywarning parameter on the sparkswitch pro?

    I am running a zenoah zg 20 with a 1 cell lipo, but the alarm for low input voltage goes on constantly.

    Any solutions?

  • Hallo all,

    it is solvable, I'm adding voltage regulator to RPM device for ignition modules with one cell power supply. Means, you will plug two cell battery to SparkSwitch Pro, but ignition module will be supplied over voltage regulator with 3.75V (configurable with jumpers)

    This updated version will be available on Thursday next week.


  • We solved the issue. New small device connected to RPM device, one cell battery is connected into that device, instead of SparkSwitch Pro, SparkSwitch Pro battery input is supplied with receiver voltage (Y male/male+male), means data port voltage is shared with battery port V+ pin.

    When SparkSwitch Pro is powered ON, then RPM device is powered, additional circuit will connect battery with ignition module.

    No warnings, not over-current risk (mainly for Zenoah ZG20 and ZG26 and Saito 60 R3), all is working smoothly.