Select switch for Flight Modes

  • ...i think no at the moment because of the missing flight modes assignment.

    In the trim menu you can see already the flight mode selction between single an global. But this is not active in Version 1.0.



  • You can set different settings to your surfaces in the Setup Menu of the function. Also you can make "Flightmode Functions". You are allowed to make more than one function to a servo. With that you can easily make different settings. Works fine even for F3A pilots

  • My experience is, that it is possible to work with "functions" similar to "flightmodes".

    The competition F3B's needs at Minimum 6 different phases, 3 in starting and 3 in flying; in the setup for my Device there are about 10 phases predictet.

    With functions I realized up to 6 phases, controlled by switches.

    It's a quite different working to normal phases but it's Ok for flying. And it is a little bit more to do, so I need for my F3Ber with the servos (no motor) 19 functions


  • Hi,

    Is it possible in CORE radio (without the missing Flight modes) to set so when one have 90% elevator (up or down) + 90% aileron (left or right) at the same time, the throws on elevator+aileron+rudder then go to max, called "Logic" switch. It stay active in my case until 25% remain to neutral ("Hysteresis" in my Futaba is used to solve that), when it goes back to normal throws (=normal condition).

    I use that setup with my Futaba (conditions used then) as snap roll condition. I only want snap roll throws to kick in when I'm out close to the corners with the stick, for upright and inverted snap rolls.

    Works great today with my Futaba and I have used above for years. It is not going to work to flip a switch before and after the snap roll to activate/dectivate the different throws.


  • Will CORE also have Hysteresis (like Futaba have) for the logic switch settings? I use Hysteresis today in my Futaba for Snap roll condition/Flight mode.

    Below is how I have snap roll Condition (Flight mode) set as Logic switch with J2 (elevator stick) and J1 (aileron stick), and for both J2 and J1 it is set Mode Symmetricial (Symm.) so it is same graph for up/down and left/right on the J2 and J1 stick, and Hysteresis (Hys.) so I have a zone (yellow) where the condition do not kick in (or go back to normal condition). The snap condition kick in when elevator and aileron stick is at 81% throw and do not go back to normal until the throws is 25% or less.

    For logic switch one can make settings for 3 things:
    For Alternate one can select NORM (Normal) or ALT (Alternate)
    For Mode one can select Symm. (Symetrical) or Linear

    For Type one can select Hys. (Hysteresis) or Box

    (Futaba 14MZ, 18MZ, 18SZ and 16SZ has possibility to make most of these settings for Conditions/Flight modes).

    I hope You understand what I mean. I suppose if one have access to a Futaba radio like 18MZ one can experiment and see what all these settings do, if You think it can be valuable to have in CORE radio when the link switch feature is developed in the software. And maybe make settings for such things as above even easier (it is kind of awkward to make settings for above in my Futaba, some trail and error was needed for me to see what it actually do).