Powerbox Competition - servo matching and reversing

  • Dear colleagues,

    I have a a PowerBox competition and currently I am servo-matching my elevator setup where I have 1 servo per elevator. I want to have them on 1 channel and so this requires matching both servos and also reversing one of them. However, when I open the servo matching menu in the backer I do not have the "initialize" and "reverse" options as shown in the manual. I only have "servo choice" and the different offset positions (L, M and R). on the display.

    Can you please help how can I carry out the setup correctly? Am I using an old version of the software or? If so, what type of cable do I need to connect the backer to my PC? I could not understand this from the PowerBox terminal manual. When I start up the PowerBox the bottom right corner is empty and does not report the software version.

    Thanks a lot for your help!


  • Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the reply. Can I update the software via the PowerBox terminal on the PC or is it something that can only be carried out at the factory? I will try to get the USB adapter cable.