100% gain

  • Dear Richard,

    I have used the test fly assistant to set up igyros with Royal, Mercury and SRS so am reasonably familiar and had no major problems before. Today I was setting up Powerbox Champion with igryo SRS and GPSII (sbus connections). Everything ran smoothly on the ground test run . Repeating the test fly assistant in the air, we saw no oscillations at all (even with gain turned up to 100%), first for aileron and then elevator etc , completing the test fly assistant. So I turned off the gyro (mode 1) and landed thinking I had not run the test fly properly before taking off. I checked the settings and indeed the gyro showed 100% gains for ailerons elevator as set in the test flight so the gain was being recognised during the test and stored in the gyro but having no effect on the model control surfaces.

    I switched the model off and back on again and could see moving the model the gyro working the control surfaces with a lot of movement due to the high gain setting. I know that 100% gain is possible on some unresponsive models requiring the x4 setting on the igyro but I did not believe it was right for my model and that it would even fly with such high gyro gain. So to prove this I had another flight with the gain settings as set iby the test flight assistant during the previous flight and briefly turned on the gyro (mode 2) and the model reacted with violent oscillations as I expected.

    So my question is what will cause igyro to ignore the gain setting during test fly assistant, all the way up 100%, even though the igyro has registered the gain ?

    Why do you think the igyro did not repond to the gain set during test fly but did so after switching the power off and on again?

    During test fly assistant, does the gain settings and hence gyro effect at each step remain active while the next setting as completed i.e is say set aileron gyro active when elevator gain is being set up or is only the current gain setting active?

    Thanks for any ideas. Maybe I did something wrong but I thought I would check if this has happened before or what could cause it to happen.


  • Hello,

    the only thing which can reduce the gain very much is the GPS - if it is connected but has no signal it reduces the gain.

    Please check before the next testfly if the GPS is lighting green and in the Royal screen it is logged in.

  • Ok thank you Richard. The GPSII is working but I cannot say for sure it was logged on before I started test flight asssistant as it does take a minute or so to get a signal. I ll check next time for steady green light and try again. I did not think the GPS would have such an effect on gain during setup. This says to me there is a risk that any gain set before the GPS has logged in could be too high leading to trouble when the GPS is logged in as I found if not corrected. Maybe software could disable tthe est fly assistant if a GPS is connected but not logged on, or a message to confirm GPS logged on if fitted?

    Kind regards


  • Hallo Richard

    Ich habe genau das gleiche Problem nur mein Gyro ist eingeloggt und das LED ist grün.

    Ich habe mehrfach versucht eine Avanti FMS mit dem Assistent einzufliegen ohne Erfolg. Es gibt bei 100% Aile Airspeed Factor 3 Boost 1 kein aufschaukeln, das selbe für Höhe und Seite. Wir haben es im Langsamflug wie auch schnellerem Flug versucht ohne ein aufschaukeln. Wir haben nach dem Setupabschluss versucht mit den Parametern zu fliegen was im Schnellflug nicht funktionierte da er dann nur noch zitterte wie ein Zitteraal. Muss ich wirklich Gyro Sense x4 auf on stellen damit das Setup funktioniert?

  • Hallo,

    100% bei einem Avanti kommt mir recht hoch vor. Das Problem ist meistens wenn man bei Windstille einfliegt: der Gyro kann sehr weit hochgedreht werden. Wenn er dann mit Wind was zu tun kriegt reagiert er über.

    Daher immer mein Rat: Quer aufdrehen, das Modell ins Messer legen, Quer nicht steuern. Das Modell muss gerade fliegen und darf nicht aufschwingen. Selbes für Höhe. beim Seitenruder kann man das nicht so gut, daher: Knüppel mehrfach "schnalzen" lassen. Der Flieger muss sauber einrasten ohne aufschwingen.

  • Besten Dank für das Feedback. Ist ja schon nicht so toll die neuen Flieger schon ins Messer zu legen, aber ich werde es versuchen obwohl ich das Problem schon bei mehreren Jets habe. Was ich nicht verstehe, warum kann ich den Wert auf 100% einfliegen und danach regelt der GPS nicht automatisch runter beim Schnellflug (Aufschwingen). Der GPS ist doch genau für diese Situation gedacht oder ist 100% einfach zu viel?