Flight mode Switch working intermittently

  • Hello, I have been setting up my first Powerbox Mercury, I have had some questions and thanks to Richard I am setup the way I want and ready to test fly, I like having the 900MHz backup available with the DS24 so had to work around that with a Jeti ENLink, but now all works great with one strange exception, sometimes when I change the Flight Mode Switch, the Mercury display changes between FM1, 2 and 3 as it should...other times it doesn’t change and follow my Flight Mode switch on the radio? Meaning I switch from 2 to 3 it stays at 2? There is no rhyme or reason when it does this...it may work just fine, then lock up for a few minutes on any of the 3 FM’s?

    Any idea’s. Could it be low GPS signal? Display says OK for GPS, but I am inside, have not tried it to see if OK outside with Strong GPS

    Mercury with GPS

    Normal wing with VT

    Jeti REX12 UDI in RX1

    Jeti REX3 UDI and REX3 900MHz UDU in RX2 (connected via ENLink)

  • Hello Ingmar, that was the first thing I checked...Servo monitor shows movement between +100/ -100 and the servo setup page shows the end points at +100/ -100. Very strange that sometimes it works and other times locks up in one flight mode. Seems if I just let it sit it will finally update to the flight mode the 3-positon switch indicates.


  • I seemed to have come to a fix at least with mine Icebreaker.....i went back and removed the REX12 receivers and put in standard R3 Receivers and now everything works as it should. just upset that this delayed me test flying the new SAB Havok Jet for 2 weeks! Should have tried this earlier instead of letting it frustrate me so badly.