Mercury gear and door sequencer

  • I have my Jet Power valves plugged into the Mercury. One for the gear in "C" and one for the doors in "F". I can get the gear to cycle, and I can get the doors to cycle but they are at the same time. How do I get them to work as per MODE 1? The transmitter is a Jeti DC-16.

  • Ok so what I have now is the gear and the doors are backwards. When selecting gear up (mode1) the doors close and then the gear. When selecting gear down the gear cycles down but before the doors. I just need to have, doors open gear down, gear up doors close. Now it is gear down doors open. doors close gear up.

    Is there a way in the PB to reverse the sequence?

  • No both are correct. Gear in C and doors in F. Should the Jetronics dual action valves be left in factory default? Richard if I set up the gear and then move on to the doors in port F and set that function and press ok then go out and try it I loose the setting in F and it reads o. I will try to get hold of Adam at PB

    America's and see if he can walk me though the set up.

  • Hello,

    I remember some did reverse them - this will prevent them to gear up the retracts when turning on the system. In that case you have to reverse also the outlets

    But for the programming it doesn´t matter - the PowerBox teaches that in the assistant

  • Hi Jack

    I had some problems with the jet tronic value a while back. Not entirely sure what you mean by 'leaving at factory setting'. You need to set the valve up so that it knows 'which way is up' so to speak. So air up the system and make sure the gear is in the down position - press the button on the valve next to the light that is on. Then move the gear to down and press the other button - the light should be on next to it at this point. Given that the sequencer is all set up then you are good to go.

    Richard I think is refering to a situation he helped me with a while ago. It seems that some of the older valves would sometimes create a situation where, no matter that the retract switch was in the down position, the gear would always go up when the tx was switched on - very annoying! This occured because the valve 'had a preference' for starting in a particular state without regard to instructions from the tx. Should this occur with you the solution is to swap the air lines over at the value i.e. just reverse them. Then make sure the sequencer is good and that should fix the problem. I think the newer valves do not suffer from this problem.

    Good luck