Mercury SRS

  • Hi Richard,

    I have a Mercury unit in a CARF Mig 15. As far as I can tell it is setup as per your instructions with aircraft type as Normal, three position switch for FM1,2,3 and gain assist working on a rotary dial.

    When I went into Gyro setup assist ready to fly and set gain it all functions perfectly until I go back to FM1 to lock in the gain number (38). At that point the Mercury locks in the gain as 38 in all axis on FM1 and 3... Zero gains are in FM2 and gain of 38 appears in all axis in FM3 (attitude assist on for Elev and aile). When I test gyro by moving the aircraft, only elevator and ailerons have gyro active in FM1 and FM3?.. gyro on rudder does not work in any mode.

    I have checked input mapping and all channels are correct including those for FM switch and gain assist.

    I performed the gyro flight setup assistant twice more and had same results.

    I then went into gyro menu and manually adjusted gains to be zero on all axis in FM1, 38 on all axis in FM2 and left values of 38 in FM3, but turned on attitude assist on both rudder channels. Now the gyro works in FM2 and 3, but still only on Elev and ailerons... nothing on rudder.

    It seems the gyro has a fault with yaw (rudder) function. Hoping it's just a setting issue as the assignment of gain to FM1 instead of FM2 in the assistant is not right either.

    I am using Jetti DS16 radio with Rsat2s.

    Hope you can help (I have had help from Steve Richardson over here in Australia and he asked me to send you this message as he is unsure as well)