iGyro SRS

  • Update History:

    V09 01.06.2012

    • JETI Bugfix
    • Gyro effect for Elevator and Rudder doubled

    V10 14.06.2012

    • DSM2/DSMX Bugfix
    • Error when binding with wrong TX-System selected

    V11 25.06.2012

    • Improved Heading mode, much better stabilisation in Heading Mode

    V12 05.07.2012

    • S-Bus output now working with S-Bus equipment

    V13 17.07.2012

    • Flightrecorder and V-tail added, Deltamixer Endpoints corrected

    V14 17.09.2012

    Important performance update:

    • Gyro is better catching after fast rolls
    • Elevator problem in stall maneuvers corrected

    V15 17.10.2012

    • Sensor offset calculation delayed at startup - more time after powerup to get the plane still

    V16 07.02.2013

    • Setup assistant for super easy iGyro adjustment + Fly in assistant
    • Boost function added, better stability for inertial planes
    • Factory reset function added

    V17 29.07.2013

    • Supports JR DMSS X-BUS
    • Supports Jeti EX digital bus
    • Boost function for all flight modes separate adjustable
    • 2x Delta mixer for Taileron/double vector trust planes
    • Save/Restore function available with PowerBox Terminal PC program

    V18 08.09.2013

    • Faster response for Gyro channels
    • Fly In Assistant changed. Now heading gain value is half of normal gain and adds Boost 1

    V19 14.10.2013

    • Sensor drift compensated

    V20 05.06.2014

    • Supports Spektrum SRXL, no additional satellites necessary for standalone operation : Click
    • Supports Jeti UDI Click
    • Supports Jeti EX - all receivers software releases (3.12 - 3.xx) Click
    • Flightmode 1 programmable - now 3 usable Flightmodes (1-2-3)
    • 2nd rudder gyro available with DIGITAL OUT
    • Free channels can be used for throttle or other channels when using Spektrum satellites

    V21 21.06.2014

    • UDI and M-Link startup issue fixed

    V22 09.01.2015

    • Fades, Lost frames and Hold counters adapted to Futaba´s new RF prototcol
    • Gyro Sensitivity x4 option implemented

    V23 23.03.2015

    • Delta Limiter function to override given endpoints when aileron and elevator is steered together
    • Channel 1 problem with 12X US transmitters solved
    • Sense x4 saving error fixed
    • Failsafe problem with SRS PowerBoxes under certain conditions fixed

    V24 25.11.2015

    • Digital out has a new option: UDI. With this you can connect a Jeti Centralbox to the iGyro
  • Update History:

    V27 24.07.2019

    • New Gyro feature allows to select the Gyro characteristics
    • Improvement of the Gyro performance

    This Update makes it necessary to use the Testfly Assistant in order to get the better gyro performance!

    If you change the Gyro characteristics manually, be aware that the gyro may oscillate with your old settings!