PowerBox Evolution

  • Hello I have recently been trying to change output voltage of my powerbox evolution from the set 5.9 volts to my required 7.4volts for a new project and no matter how many times I follow the instructions to change the voltage over I am unable to do so, I am using dual 7.4 volt litium Ion battery’s and have changed the battery chemistry selection on the evolution accordingly to lithium ion. I am in Australia and would like to know where the unit would need to be sent to get looked at/ repaired and the associated cost to do so,


  • Hello,

    to switch the output to 7.4V:

    1. Turn on the unit with both batteries.

    2. Disconnect both batteries (don´t turn off)

    3. Press the Set button on the switch and connect battery1 then battery 2

    You should see the change on the LED´s

    If this doesn´t work, the unit is not defective- it´s an older one!

  • Thankyou for your fast response, I have followed your instructions to no avail I believe I must be dealing with an older unit! Is there any way to send this unit to be changed to a 7.4 volt output at the factory?(of so what cost) Or am I better off purchasing a new unit?

    Thanks for your response Richard