Setting a switch for flight mode for Mercury

  • i know this is a dumb question-but i am trying to set up my CORE and using the setup assistant in the Mercury.

    i have set up CORE per an online video assigning ailerons, elevators, one rudder and throttle (doing simple plane 1st). i have also set up ailerons to be flaps.

    bound to Mercury on m-link.

    also set up a function and called if gyro modes on SW-B

    set up function called it gyro gain on sw RO-B

    when i go to set up assistant in Mercury, it does not "recognize" SW-B when i move it.

    it will recognize SW-E but only sees 2 positions.

    it will not recognize any other switch.

    it will not recognize the RO-B knob as gain.

    besides being dumb, what am i doing wrong? i have tried multiple resets in the mercury--no better result.


  • ok now i feel like an idiot. Scott G told me exactly what to do and i didnt really think it through. i just needed to set the switch to a servo (or channel like on my old spektrum) and then adjust to +/- 100% then all works as expected in Setup Assistant!!

    i'm slow, but eventually i will get there!!