Mercury SRS und PBR-26D

  • Guten Morgen, ich bin neu hier und habe auch erst seit kurzem den Core.

    Mercury SRS auf V09 hat geklappt.

    Wie verbinde ich jetzt 2 PBR-26D mit der Mercury, welcher Ausgang am Empfänger?

    Und was muss ich in der Mercury einstellen?

    Da den RX keine Kabel beiliegen, gibt es Bedingungen für die Kabel, z.B. Max. Länge?

    Zum update:

    Wie date ich die PBR-26D mit dem BlueCom up?

    Muss ich die Verbindung zur Mercury SRS trennen, und wenn ja woher bekommt der RX seinen Strom?

    Sorry, wenn diese Fragen doch schon mal gestellt worden sind, aber ich hab im Forum die Antworten wohl noch nicht gefunden:/

  • Hi Richard,

    Have successfully upgraded Core, Mercury and 2 PB26 -D to latest software to gain access to P2bus and new gyro features. Receivers are connected via the P2Bus ports and I have the Mercury set to P2Bus. However, I have no control over the servos. They power up and move randomly until I power down. Previously set up in M Link and working well. Software versions are: Core 1.4, Transceiver 1.5, Stickcontroller 1.3, Receivers 1.4, Mercury V09.

    Thanks for any help


  • ..further update.

    Went to make sure that I had updated the Mercury correctly to v9 (which I had). So I had the mercury switched on- but without the Tx being on - and the same condition occured. All retured to normal when switching back to M-Link.


  • Hi Richard,

    I have updated the Mercury again with the same result. I'm always concerned that I'm not connecting or setting the system correctly but in this case there's so little to get wrong! I'll update everything again and report back.



  • Pigna:

    ..well yes I could but one end of the lead goes into RX1 or RX2 and the other goes into either the P2Bus port or the M link port. Not much to photograph really.


    I've repeated the update process and Terminal reported successful updates for both Rxs and the Mercury but with the same results. All still functions normally with M-Link. Since P2Bus is not crtitical for this application I'll continue on with M-Link and wait to see if the issues occurs with others.

    Thanks for help