Major battery failure

  • Hi Richard

    I was charging one of the internal balance batteries in my airplane today. The battery circuit shorted and smoked. The output leads to the battery were still attached to the power box. After attaching completely different external batteries, I am not getting any functioning out of the Power box royal, doesn't seem to want to power up at all. No lighting of the LED's on the switch either. Has the short carried through the wiring and cause damage to the Royal. I don't think that there is a reset switch or fuse that is user available that can reset this is there.

    I am assuming that this will need to be sent in and the loss of the summer flying season, unless I can get it back before all your national holidays happen.

    Oh and by the way I have no clue what my version is or the soft ware version as it can't be powered up to read the display. So I just put some numbers in there to get the post started.



  • I guess ship all components to you. Also if it can be fixed by you will I lose all my programming in the process. This willl take a lot of time as this is significantly complex airplane. Can the programming be saved at all?