Update to new version

  • Doingdoing a little reading on this form and it looks like I'm going to have to send this all the way to Germany to have the firmware flashed please tell me this is not true this sounds ludicrous and ridiculous what is the time frame on turn around on this I am a new user powerbox and thoroughly enjoy the product but if I have to start sending things to other countries just to update the firmware I will be having to look at other options this is the fifth power box I have currently and I do not have this problem with any other model

  • Andand also what is the point of spending extra money on a blue Cam adapter as well as a PC interface USB cord if you cannot at home complete an update if the software or firmware version is too large to be carried out properly over a blue, adapter this should be stated sorry for venting my frustration I have spent a month getting this new plane ready you playing your motor do servos complete new jeti radio system and I it was an update away from flying now I'm going to have to probably send this a way for how long am I going to have to wait and can I just return this back to the retailer

  • Also on a side note maybe it would be nice if it would have been noted that warning warning warning Will Robinson updating your power box Mets are out if doing so you will have to send it away please update with caution I would say if I would have saw this I would not have updated it

  • If if I'm seeing this correctly it's going to take almost a month for this to go through customs from the United States and get to your facility in Germany and then I could be expecting a month to get it back two months please tell me this is not sothere has got to be something that somebody can do without having to send this away for that long of a. For such a minor issue

  • On on another side note I use the postal service quite frequently from my office I want to trust at least the United States postal service to mail my grandmother a birthday card let alone send something of value through the mail

  • At this time please disregard all of my rambling I just got off the phone with power box USA apparently I didn't know there was one in Jacksonville Florida I spoke to Adam sounds like a great guy I'm going to ship it out to them next day air all flee the firmware update problem is something they can handle in house.

  • Hey hey Richard I did try the rescue mode nothing pulled up sorry for all the ramblin it was a all night late night Bender to get this plane done last thing at 5 a.m. in the morning is to update the software version and then boom nothing needless to say I talked to Adam from powerbox Americas and sent it's in. I did try the rescue with a PC as well as the blue Com neither one would work.