Micromatch loses connection Bluecom adapter for Android

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 on Android.

    Bluecom adapter for Android (not IOS)

    Micromatch connected to Futaba R7008SB

    MacGreggor MG5921HV servos

    Optipower 2S lipo.

    Help ! I am experiencing the common problem of the Bluetooth connection disconnecting and re-connecting preventing me from setting up a dual elevator arrangement.

    Can anyone advise a solution please?


  • Hi,

    Have deleted the old app and installed the latest (ver 1.21) and now I do not get any Bluetooth connection at all.

    The FCC ID on the bluecom adapter is OC3BM1842 if that helps at all.

    Also tried a different Futaba R3008SB receiver and using a 6v NiMH battery instead of the 2s lipo to power.

    Still no luck - any suggestions?


  • Hi,

    it is not much to translate, please have look at the permission page, it is the last image, on the end of the post, and enable appropriate permissions on your android device. That's all :-) You need to have all three permissions enables, as is shown in the picture. Then start the app and it will connect to BT.

    Let me know if you need further help



  • Hi Rudi,

    I have followed your instructions and am back to the original problem that the bluetooth connection keeps being lost and reconnects. One thing that I have noticed is that when I set the app permissions it says that it is version 1.21, but when the app is open it says it is version 1.19. I have uninstalled / reinstalled the app and it has auto updated several products, but still will not stay connected. What else can I try?


  • Are you sure that you have only one App installed, please? Can you check in the Settings/App if there is only one Mobile Terminal App? If not, please drop also the old one (1.19) and install the new one from the scratch, then enable permissions.

    And please what device you're using? Let me know the phone type and Android version, I will try it.

    Let me know


  • Hi Pantherman :-)

    Well, I tried to connect with Android Marshmallow, Pie and Oreo on Samsung and Redmi devices. It is working properly. I deleted the old 1.19 version initially, then installed a new 1.21 version, agreed with request for permissions, checked permissions for phone, storage, and location, and ran the app.

    The result you can see in the pictures.

    I would like to know what issue you faced, therefore please let me know the Android version, system version, and if you followed the installation steps from delete/install/permissions.

    I'm pretty sure that we will resolve your issue :-)



  • Hi Rudi

    I am running s Samsung Galaxy S9 with Android 9.

    I deleted version 1.19 from my phone and checked there were no versions installed.

    Then downloaded the version from your website.

    On the apps info on my phone where the permissions are set, it says version 1.21.

    I have turned on the app permissions and forced stop.

    With the receiver, servo's and transmitter connected, I then power up and check the servo's are working.

    I then connect the Bluetooth bluecom adapter and run the mobile terminal app on the phone.

    It finds the adapter and updates various Powerbox products in the app.

    Then the fun begins !

    I can get to your second screenshot if I am quick on the screen buttons, but keep losing the bluetooth connection.

    The app then connects for a few seconds before losing Bluetooth connection again.

    This repeats over and over again making setup impossible.

    To try and eliminate the "Samsung factor" I have also tried installing the app on a friends Sony Xperia XZ1 running Android 9.0

    The same thing happens.

    Please advise how to proceed.



  • Hello,

    Richard is right, something went wrong on the hardware side. But, before you will send back the bluecom adapter, may I ask you to test the adapter with some other PB device? To be sure that the Micromatch is alright. Or, if you have also the USB adapter, try to test the Micromatch on the PC Terminal. I now, it is a lot of test work, I do not want to lose your time, but I'm interested in issues and curious what is the root cause :-)