iGYRO 3e - Possible Malfunctioning Unit

  • Hello Richard,

    I have an older iGYRO 3e unit (Serial No. 257312) that is possibly 4 years old, but has been updated to V4. This unit has been flown in two separate aircraft over he last for years, and in both cases, has exhibited extremely erratic flight control during flight. In the first instance, I was able to regain control of the plane and land it safely. In the second case (about 3 months ago), the aircraft was a total loss.

    In either case, the flight behavior was so erratic, it was as if the iGYRO had come loose inside the aircraft, but in both cases, the gyro was found to be properly mounted and secure inside the fuselage. I now am very leary about using this particular unit in any of my planes until I can have it verified & checked out for proper operation.

    Does PowerBox Germany or USA have the necessary equipment to do this type of testing? Can I send it to you for evaluation?

    This is not my first experience with the iGYRO 3e, I have no less than 8 other units installed in other aircraft... All are working just fine! BTW... After I recovered the 1st aircraft referenced above, I installed a new unit in the plane (a 30 yo, 1/4 scale Bucker Jungmeister) and it has been working fine ever since (4 years now).