Controls not responding

  • i recently purchased a powerbox igiro srs from a friend secondhand and ive been through the settings menu, then noticed that the rudder was not moving with the TX output. I returned to the giro settings and clicked on the PC part (by accident) then came out of that menu, then the rudders started to work from the output of the TX, but when I switch off the giro, then back on, the rudder does not work until I return to the PC menu and back out. Can you advise why this is happening? The giro was working the first time i plugged it in with my friends settings however after performing a factory reset i encountered this problem.

  • I’ve factory reset on unit and flashed giro to latest version of software. The only way to get any movement from servos is to go through the PC connect then out again. After this all the servos start working. When you turn the power off to the giro then turn it back on again the servos do not work. Any ideas?

  • I can get it for o work, it only if I go through the pc connect. But when I switch it off then back

    on it works. Might send it back to you to be checked. It’s like am not completing the set up

    or it’s loosing it’s memory when it’s switched off!.