GPS II mit Futaba

  • Used components: T16SZ Futaba, R7008SB, 3S lipo and BEC from brushless motor controller, standard servo and GPS II

    Futaba T16SZ get's completely stuck when the wrong telemetry sensor is selected!

    When I select "GPS-F1675" as sensor all works well but if I change to "GPS" sensor the T16SZ completely jams!!!!

    I know I must select "GPS-F1675" when a GPS II from PowerBox is connected to the R7008SB receiver but I still

    don't like the idea the T16SZ stops completely. The display of the T16SZ becomes black and the servo doesn't react to the sticks anymore.

    I even have to remove the battery from the transmitter for a reset because it won't switch-off anymore by use of the normal on/off buttons.

    So the transmitter is really stuck!

    I think this is a software bug from Futaba but I just want to inform you about this issue.

    I try to inform Futaba about this issue but maybe you have a direct contact.

    I have a small movie attached but it's resized, therefore sorry for the quality.

    Please give me your suggestions,

    Best regards,


  • Hello, did you see the movie too?

    I just bought the Futaba T16SZ last week and within one hour it already crashed (ok, due to the wrong telemetry settings....).

    I will try the same "wrong" setting at another T16SZ, maybe it's a bug of my new transmitter only.

    Can other people see the movie I uploaded too? This problem is much easier to explain when you see the movie.

    I will let you know if other T16SZ transmitters react the same.

    PS: I already tried an other R7008SB receiver, other BEC and I can reproduce the problem again and again.

    When I select GPS-F1675 it works perfectly and the values are ok, when I select "GPS" you can see all values are wrong but when I

    select page 2/2 the T16SZ goes BLACK.

    Best regards,