Giro settings for F16

  • I have a bvm f16 and as you may know, the ailerons also work as flaps for landing.

    I would like to set my Mercury to Assist mode for aileron. Here is the problem: when I turn the unit on, it reads the zero with ailerons in normal position. For landing, the ailerons go down as flaps and therefore are off zero and the giro automatically goes to rate mode.

    A possible solution is to turn the unit on with one aileron in flying position (lets say the right wing) and the other in flap position (lets say the left wing). The Mercury has separate giro functions for aileron A and aileron B and therefore the zero would be set separately for each aileron

    Right aileron would be in assist mode when flying, left would be in rate mode (or off). When landing, the left aileron woukd be in assist mode, the right in rate mode (or off)

    Any thoughts?



  • hello and thanks for the support

    Let me clarify:

    I could set up a three position switch, 1) just for turning on the Mercury, with one aileron up and one aileron down with the idea to set the zero points like that.

    2) flying, both ailerons up therefire one is still at "zero" and in assist mode

    3) landing, both ailerons down therefore one is still at "zero" and in assist mode

    How do you setup tailerons for giro?



  • thank you,

    - Yes, i would use a knob to set "turn on" mode to avoid using it in flight

    - When one aileron is in assist mode, would you set the other to rate mode or to "off" (zero gain)?

    Will investigate delta mode, never used it

    Great support,