Only shows one RX on display

  • Hello Richard

    I did a factory reset on the Mercury and I had removed the old RX bound to the CORE for this model before I did any reset on the Mercury. I tried to bind two 26D RX. Both flashed fast red and I could bind RX 2 but RX 1 gave me a message that said to switch on the RX. I disconnected that RX and when I plugged it back in I could bind it and see both on the CORE.

    I set up all the channels on the Mercury and noticed on the display it only showed RX2 as “OK” and blank for RX1. The CORE shows both RX bound and both show Unique serial numbers and LQI values. If I unplug the RX2 the Mercury goes into failsafe. Even though RX1 is plugged in and shows an RQI on the CORE

    I will be at the flying field tomorrow and have a second Mercury that is also new and 2 new 26D and some new cables. I will try a new RX 1st.

    Your advice is appreciated.

  • Hello Joe,

    yes first bind one Receiver after the other. Binding each Receiver in the first stage has nothing to do with the Mercury.

    If you have both Receivers binded (RX green LED light) and correct Display in the CORE Receiver menu, check at the Mercury if you see both Receivers OK

    I assume you are using P2B bus from the Receivers in order to feed the Mercury! Right!

    If you have no 2x Receiver OK at the Mercury check your Connection and the seetting of the Mercury.



    CB Elektronics