CORE Battery question

  • Hello Richard

    You might remember I had discharged my batteries (my fault) and you helped me get things working with a new SW flash

    I have put several flights on the CORE and tonight I was programming a new model. The batteries showed almost full when I started.

    About 15 minutes into programming my left batter went to zero and the dead battery ICON started flashing on the screen. The voltage and the fuel state of battery 2 was close full. After about 30 seconds I got out the charger and plugged it into the CORE and the red leds were illuminated. The icon stayed flashing and I powered off the CORE. after less that 4 minutes I powered up the CORE and both batteries showed almost full and the red charging leds were illuminated.

    What do you think is happening? I am thinking I should replace the batteries and want to know if I can purchase a battery assembly and install it here so I don’t have to ship to Germany?

    Please advise

    Thank you.