Champion SRS

  • Update History:

    V02 27.07.2013

    • Supports JR DMSS X-BUS (Update signal controller in factory)
    • Supports Jeti EX digital bus (Update signal controller in factory)
    • Gear channel off as long sequencer is running
    • Sequencer function also without display connected

    V03 12.05.2014

    • Bugfix, with new signal controller software, TX-Systems list missing

    V04 20.05.2014

    • Setup 2. front door with sequencer assistant
    • Bugfix sequencer assistant Mode 1

    V05 17.10.2014

    • Advanced Telemetrie support for

    - Spektrum (receiver data available, Connect TM1000 DATA port with PowerBox TELE port)

    - Futaba (with Teleconverter Battery- , Receiver- and GPS data available when transmitter software is released)
    - M-Link additional GPS data available
    - Jeti, full Battery, Receiver and GPS data available
    - Hott, full Battery and GPS data available

    GPS II must have V07 for full GPS telemetry and must be connected to the DATA port

    • Supports Spektrum 18 X-Plus channels (Update signal controller in factory necessary)
    • Supports Jeti UDI (Update signal controller in factory necessary)
    • Supports now Jeti R-SAT releases >3.11 for EX signal
  • Update History:

    V06 28.05.2015

    • M-Link SRXL 16 channels support (Signal Controller must be Vx.4 at least)
    • Jeti UDI 16 channels support (Signal Controller must be Vx.4 at least)
    • Sequencer output mapping reset only when the assistant is started new
  • Update History:

    V09 11.05.2020

    • Smooth running servos also with 3rd party P²-Bus sensors


    There is also a new signal controller (Vxx.11) available which makes RX1 with higher priority than RX2. With this an iGyro Sat can be connected to RX1 to get a gyro system! You have to send us the PowerBox for an update, this Signal Controller update cannot be done by the customer!