Gyro Gain

  • Hi There,

    I set my Gyro up through the assistant but now i have lost the gain channel slider functionality (Through my own fault) i initiated the slider again but it only operates on half of the slide and flight assistant wont recognise the the slider and move to the next screen to continue with the setup.

    Can i just bypass the slider and set Gain before flight for each surface instead of doing it during the flight? i know how to do this but wondered if it stores the set gain without using the test fly assistant, i would prefer to do it manually anyway if i'm honest.


  • Hello,

    with the Assistant setup the gain slider is inactive once you left the assistant.

    If you want to adjust everything manually you can do it in the Gyro menu. Another option is to assign a gain slider to single axis in the input mapping to set the gain for a single axis in flight.

  • Thank you for your reply, i think ill delete the slider and set everything in the Gyro menu then just add to it if i need to. Just wondered really if i had to go through the assistant but it seems not.

    I have assigned the slider but its weird it only starts to add gain from half way up the scale, i have tried it on full throw and less but doesn't then work at all. It is not recognised when i try to use the assistant so the assistant doesn't move on in the setup screen. This will be a simple fix somewhere but i would prefer to just add 25% on all surfaces to start and go from there.

    Thank you.

  • Hi !!

    I made a mistake in the decision to buy my radio transmitter, I bought a Spektrum DX9 with 9 channels without previously analyzing my needs.

    Now I am in the dilemma of how to operate the iGyro in my Mercury SRS and control its gain, as I understand, this needs 2 channels, one to turn the gyroscope on and off and another to control its gain.

    I use this configuration in my IA63 Pampa RC Jet, the 4 conventional channels, accelerator, rudder, ailerons and elevator, add retractable train in channel 5, flaps in channel 6, aerodynamic brake in channel 7, lights in channel 9, I have only left free for the iGyro channel 8.

    Spektrum markets a channel expander called X-Plus 8, but I don't know if it's possible to connect it to the Mercury SRS.

    Any idea how to solve my issue without the need to change my radio or I have no choice but to find a TX with more channels

  • Thanks OGG2000

    Yes, I have the lights on channel 9, with switch assigned, two positions to turn on and three positions that are the schemes. But all this is done with a single channel and two mixtures.

    I understand from your answer that I can temporarily use the light channel to set the gain of the iGyro and then with a single channel I can turn it on and switch between the flight options, either with a switch or with two or only need a switch of 3 positions for this?

    Once the iGyro is set, the gain channel knob would be unused and that channel will be assigned to the lights

    Is that so? I am right ?

    Thank you so much

  • Hi Richard

    Thanks for your answer, and if I'm flying with a DX9 my RC Jet

    I will already buying a Core, it is very difficult with our currency exchange at this moment, but it is in my plans and priority. I was at the Jets Festival in Chile and fell in love with its radio transmitter equipment, but it is very expensive to our monetary exchange. I also like Audi, Mercedes Benz and BMW very much, but I have a Peugeot Ja Ha ...

    A few years ago there was an advertising for Grundig TVs that said ¨German Technology, expensive but the best¨

    Without a doubt, their products are do

  • You need a 3- position switch for the flightmodes (1st channel) and a gain slider (2nd channel). The gain slider is only necessary for the setup and this channel can be used later for other things

  • Hi Richard,

    During the setup assistant the slider was not recognized. (Mercury SRS / S-BUS)

    1) Is there a way to assign the slider to gain without having to go again to setup assistant and make sure it is working because it is apparently only active during the fly assistant ?

    I dont want to set the slider manually to all axis functions as I found it a bit tricky as if I am not precisely at 0 then I could engage the Att Assit (heading) which can prevent the plane from turning, right ?

    2) Actually, if gain is like 5% and ATT ASSIST is on, will there issues in controlling the aircraft to make a turn ?

    3) For a 106 in 3D gas aircraft (Edge 540) what would you recommend to start with with gain and Charac (soft, normal, hard, ultra) ?

    4) Finally is there a way to assign a rx switch to activate/deactivate the ATT ASSIST ?

    thanks !

  • Hello,

    1) if you didn´t assign it in the setup assistant - the assistant would have stopped- no proceed. So with the assistant it´s only one slider, one switch. Easy adjustment

    2) Attitude assist is normally only on Aileron and Elevator. 5% on rudder - you may feel it: the tail will hang down a little

    3) Take the assistant - it´s hard in standard and I think about 10-15% gain

    4) You can make different settings to the flightmodes in the Gyro setttings

  • Hi Richard,

    I found out the existence of a Gain Assist function in the mapping, so I could assign a channel to it and a slider !

    After I performed the assistant on ground and I realized that my aileron direction was wrong so I changed manually in gyro settings which applied to all modes directly.

    1) Now if I want to fly test assistant in real, will my direction settings be erased again or this value will not change ?

    2) If I use Att Assist All, is it ok to do Harrier ? harrier roll ? Or only good for horizontal slow rolls ?

    3) for Torque Roll more, you can use it to roll in a vertical climb ?

    (i dont have GPS)

    4) I know it is a different topic but I have around 400 fades per RX (R7003SB x 2) and 40 ish frames for a 8-9 min flight. My Extreme Flight Edge V2 is reinforced with carbon. Please see attached.

    5) I am looking at buying the teleconverter to have tele on my batteries voltage connected to the mercury.

    If I want to know what is my other battery voltage which is connected to the fuel pump directly and the pump to one port of the mercury, which item should I buy ?

    thanks and sorry many different topics


  • Hello,

    1) only the Basic setup assistant will reset your settings. The Testflyassistant only removes the last gain settings (of course). You can repeat it as much as you want on the ground.

    2) For a prop plane if you turn on all axis with attitude assist it will harrier itself. For a Jet: never use attitude assist for 3D !

    3) Yes- all attitude assist on, just give aileron to roll it

    4) I think that´s fine. Fly a Core to have more telemetry data ;-)

    5) is it a PowerBox Smokepump? Connect it directly to the Mercury for power. The teleconverter only gives voltage from the Mercury. The PBS-V60 will give you voltage from a 3rd battery if you want.

  • 2) ok but if I harrier, can I still turn using rudder input or my rudder will be countering my input ?

    2.1) in other words in Assist All mode, any input on any control surface will override the “heading” mode ?

    5) yes but I need another battery. I am using the 4 x Power Pack 2.5X2 PRO:

    - 2 for Mercury

    - 1 for ignition

    - 1 for powerbox smoke pump

    BUT, I see the PBS V60 can be plugged to the balancer connector of the battery. Is there one on the powerbox battery ?

    I don’t understand the alternative of “soldering directly to the high current plug”, I would prefer the balancer option.


  • Hello,

    you always have full control. You sticks are overriding the gyro of course!

    The connect the smokepump to the powerbox. Only the ignition should be seperate!

    There is no balancer output at the PB batteries as the balancer is inside

  • ok but on smoke pump you have 2 ports, Receiver and Battery.

    At the moment I have a wire connected to a Mercury port that goes to smoke pump rx port.

    As for battery port do i need another wire ? if so where do I plug it on the mercury ?

    thanks again for your great support and sorry for all these questions.