• During updating proces of my PBS-P16 sensor it remains hanging on 11%. Disconnected after 10 min, but sensor not working anymore and also unable to re-connect on PC. Sensor is new and hat SW: V1.4 installed .

  • If process was stuck, then some issue in communication occurred, but it is not problem. Rescue the unit!

    In Windows Terminal: again connect the unit to battery, then to USB adapter and click to P16, within 5 seconds will start Rescue mode automatically

    In iOS App, long press to P16 icon, at least 3 seconds, Rescue mode will start.

    In Android App, go to Main menu - top right corner, and choose Rescue, then choose appropriate category and unit.

  • Hello,

    if you're using Windows Terminal, then check if you have the latest version, always if good to have the same version if we want to check something.

    I did broked firmware in P16, and now will use Rescue mode.

    The connection is simple, using Y cable, Y out to P16, into the first port of Y battery, and AFTER powering on the P16 connect USB Adapter as well.

    1. Connected P16 to Terminal, click to Accessories, and then to P16, after 5 seconds will appear:

    2. Then, if you are connected to the internet, click on online update: (anyway, you should be connected if you want to have the latest version)

    If you are not connected to the Internet, then choose from the file, and select the appropriate update file:

    3. Click to update, and wait to update complete!! Do not interrupt the update. If you will interrupt, then a new Rescue should be started.

    4. When is an update on 100%, then click on to the Back button:

    NEVER happened, that update or rescue on new devices with a new bootloader was not completed successfully. Always was some issue with the cable, or computer or hands. Or totally broken/destroyed hardware of the PowerBox Unit.

    Have a nice evening