Replacing batteries

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    I have two PowerBox LiFePo 3200mAh and also two PowerBox LiPo 4000mAh batteries which all have exhausted cells. I read somewhere that you are not servicing / replacing the individual cells anymore, instead these could be changed to new Li-ion style batteries with the discount is it so? How much is the discount and how / where I should send these batteries for replacement?

    In general, how we should proceed? I need 4 new batteries at least capacity of 4000mAh.

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  • A response to the question from Henry would be useful. I could not find where you state the new policy he mentions. I have over twenty packs, mostly 2800, all good at the moment and I bought them on the understanding that the cells could be replaced when exhausted. I would like to know if there will still be support as these are no longer listed and for how long. Thank you.

  • Hello,

    unfortunately we cannot get the cells anymore. Seem with the electric car industry the Chinese manufacturer are focused to this and do not make cells for small orders anymore.

    With the PowerPaks we are using standard cells, available everywhere so we are good here for the next years.

    Here is the replacment policy: https://www.powerbox-systems.c…te/Regulation_Repairs.pdf