IGyro 3xtra

  • There are really some problems with the latest release of the iOS app:

    Very practical:

    -A full range of gain on the transmitter only shows a 30 (something like that..... because you don't get an exact gainsetting-indication on the app). With the app for the iGyro3e 100% on the transmitter was 100% in the app.

    -When you set the specific gain with the app for the rudder on 0% you still get a damping action of the rudder. The total gain is as far as I understand gain of the transmitter x specific gain of the rudder? How is this possible?

    -When you select different airspeed gain factors the indications on the screen remain! I selected from 3 --> 2 and I got 2 indications.....

    These are some of the things that went wrong and to be honest I don't have a lot of confidence in this app. What are other hidden problems I didn't run into yet?

  • When I use the app of the iGyro3e and I increase the gain on my 18SZ from 0 to 100 it nicely shows on the app also a gain from 0-100. However when I do the same thing with the app for the IGyro3extra the app shows only a gain increase of 30.....????

  • because the scale for 3xtra is -200 - +200 %, instead of +-100% for iGyro 3e. On Futaba you're not able to set the output signal with full scale.

    Please let me know if it is clear or if you need another explanation.

    All is described in the manual!

    Have a nice day


  • I am trying to set the Installed Position for a new igyro 3xtra in a new plane. I hold down the white button while plugging in the battery and hold it down until the red LEDs cycle. The model is level and still but the red LEDs just keep cycling. The green LED does not light up. I have waited 30 minutes but the red LEDs just keep cycling.

    Any idea what I might be doing wrong?