• Richard, Attempting to reprogram my Tutor.

    PB Royal latest update yesterday 2.009 rx both updated today ver 2.0 Tx App 1.5 trans1.8 stick 1.3

    Outputs split in to 2 elev tail... 1 rudder all on single Power Bus cable.

    All other outputs conventional plug ins and double checked.

    Basically I have connected the two rx to the P/B Royal in a compatible mode I believe. (photo) but 2 elev and one rudder all quiver and twitch from side to side appx 2 cm on an irregular pattern. (good job the output is default 50%)!

    Any help welcome


    Thank you

  • Hello,

    yes- you made a Y-harness from the second RX/P²-BUS to RX2 and the telemetry input.

    In the Compatibility mode both receivers must be set to S.BUS. S.BUS must go to the RX1 and RX2. P²-BUS is going to the telemetry.

    No Y-harness necessary. You made a mix of Compatibility mode and P²-Mode...

    Check this again: PowerBox Royal and Core P²-BUS Setup

    Let me know if it works

  • Richard,
    yes of course you are right. I printed wrong photo and was completely wrong.

    I have bound again both rx.Ok

    I was able to create a telemetry widget and gain access to rx menu and after about four attempts change it to S.Bus from SXL

    I was unable to gain access or indeed find the other rx although it showed a green light and showed bound to TX

    I also am unable to re visit the rx/ widget screen that has been changed any more.

    However the two elevators and rudder work as you you intended. Hurrah thank you !

    Am I right to presume that I cannot see the second rx in the telemetry screen/rx menu or call up second widget as this is the rx that is connected to the data plug and not the SBus plug or am I just operating on one rx?

    Thank you for the prompt reply


  • Richard, yes thats exactly what I have done because they were not appearing and neither were the radio beacon symbols either

    So REMOVED the rx's (even though they showed coded numbers below the rx icons.) and rebound both of them new session..

    Now I had access to rx menu though creation of widget and was able to change both to s bus.

    So all working now and thank you once again.


    P.S Oddly the three surface concerned worked but the the question being was it correctly programmed not to breakdown later. Now I know its correctly done as prescribed