rx status

  • hello,

    i have mercury srs v08 and two futaba receivers as 6308sbt. according to manual of mercury, i have to plug the rx cable to ch 8 sbus and change the receiver mode B or D.

    i have read the futaba 6308 manual and it says the same for sbus.

    finally i tried 50 or more times but there is no rx status on mercury. both rx1 and rx 2 are empty (-)

    receivers are both in normal mode ( speed ) and channel mode has been tried both mode B and D

    also i am sure that the receivers are in mode b or d because when i change the mode to A ( channel 8 is normal ) i plug the servo to ch 8 and it works but when i change the mode to B (channel 8 is sbus only) i plug the servo to ch 8 it does not work. so any suggestion


  • Hello Richard,

    I have a couple of questions.

    In the Power Terminal SW, for GPS II settings, there is two optimization for the GPS. Which one should be used?

    And there are a bunch of options for Altitude, Speed and other settings in the SW. What are they used for?

    Second part, I have a 1/2.5 scale Viper. I have the GPS gain set to 100% and I feel it needs more. It does not make sense why I am at 100% gain and the plane can still use more gain. What am I doing wrong? or is it normal? how do I get more gain? do I change the speed factor?