IGyro SRS + delta + vector

  • Hi Richard,

    I need your assistance to do right settings my delta J-10 with IGyro SRS and vector trust.

    So, I have IGyro SRS, two Futaba receivers 7008 and 7003, no PowerBox at all.
    First of all I have created a new model with normal wings with two ailerons and normal tail with two elevators in transmitter. No wing mix, just rudder to nose gear, elevator to canard, Rudder - Vector left/right, Elevator - Vector up/down. Vector mix are activate by same switch as Gyro mode, just mode 3 with vector.

    Than I connect the left wing to Aileron A, right wing to Elevator A, vector up/down to Elevator B, vector left/right to Rudder on IGyro SRS. Those channels plus gyro mode and gyro gain coming from receiver as sbus signal.

    Than I passed thru setup assistance, when I move sticks IGyro has recognized all channel correctly, but vector up/dove doesn’t work, and vector left/right work all time, not when I switch to mode 3.

    Also I can’t fine tune one elevator (center and endpoints) because IGyro is receiving just one elevator Chanel (in input mapping).

    What I did wrong?

    Please guide me how to do right settings.

  • helifox

    Changed the title of the thread from “IGyro + delta + vector” to “IGyro SRS + delta + vector”.
  • Yes, sure. But there is small difference - using Royal or Mercury you can use rudder B, with IGyro srs only rudder A for vector, ruder without gyro.

    Now I`m worried with what settings of transmitter is correct- two ailerons and two elevators ore one aileron and one elevator?