SparkSwitch PRO and RPM measurement in MOKI radial 5 cylinder

  • Hello! I have the standard SparkSwitch, operating Moki 250 5-cylinder radial engine. Perfect. Now, I would like to replace it by the PRO version, predominantly for RPM measurement. Is it possible? Does it work with the radial engines? Shall I use the RPM pickup cable? When to place it? Around one high voltage cable going to the spark plug? Actually, there are 5 such cables.

    Please, let me know.

    BR, Jiri

  • I would like to return to the Moki 250 radial and SparkSwitch Pro RPM measurement. It works, however, the showed RPM is one half of the actual RPM. I saw, during the upgrade of the SparkSwitch software, that there is the possibility to have a coefficient either 1.0, or 0.5. For Moki radial, it seems reasonable to have also the possibility of 2.0, I guess.

    Moreover, there is a tuning ignition by Rainbow tronic. Does anybody know, if it works with the SparkSwitch RPM measurement via a wire around the spark plug cable? Furthermore, there is a tacho output on the ignition, according to the web pages or Rainbow tronic. Can this output be used for RPM measurement with SparkSwitch?

    Thanks for reply in advance, BR, Jiri