cockpit SRS and Jeti and CortexPro

  • I want to use Jeti RSat2 with Cockpit SRS, Demon Cortex Pro, and Jeti telemetry sensors. I can get the Jeti, CortexPro and Cockpit SRS to work if I use the RSat2 EXT socket, with Jeti and Cockpit set to Jeti EX. But there is a way to add Jeti telemetry sensors? The Cockpit does not allow sensors to be plugged into it, and the Ext socket on the RSats is used to connect to the Cortex/Cockpit. If I connect the CortexPro to the RSat PPM socket set to UDI, and change the Cockpit to Jeti UDI so that the Ext socket on the RSat is available for sensors, it does not work as the CortexPro does not understand UDI.

    So is there any way to use the RSats, CortexPro, Cockpit SRS, AND have telemetry sensors?