Powerbox gemini ii

  • hello dear sir .i have many of your products and i am very pleased with them also customer service and warenty perfect.my question is about gemini ii i have programme it perfectly and works fine the only problem is in my telemetry end measurments the output voltaze is 5.8 v insted 5.9 v and when i move all servos the voltage drops 5.2 v is what my screen in tx saying. I am useing 5 servos 10 krg each analog in 1.80 wingspan aerobatic aircraft . Rx is futaba 18 sz and receiver 9008 sb thenks

  • hello dir sir the wires i use from gimini to receiver are the ones which are suplied wlth the product plus two standar servo extention leads 22agw . As for temprature i dont beilve that is geting hot thanks