Unequal elevator movement in mode 2

  • Hello Richard, I m helping a friend set up his mercury gyro. With the gyro off the elevators move equally as commanded by the radio. With the gyro on (mode 2) and the same gain set on Elev A and B via the flight assistant on the ground (so everything as as per default) I am finding that raising or lowering the tail causes one elevator to move much further than the other. I have checked everything I can think of, gyro settings are the same as set by running flight assistant, input and output mapping correct, no servo matching employed, standard model type, radio travel settings identical for both elevators. The only thing left to do is update software. Can you think of anything else that could cause this difference in elevator response for same gain value? Ive not noticed this before on my other powerbox gyro units. Is this normal and nothing to worry in actual flight? Thank you.

  • Hello,

    yes- I assume it´s because of mechanical issues. You should try to unmount one servo lever and shift it by one "click" into the other direction, then match the lenght from the linkage again.

    The problem is that one servo has to move more than the other.

  • Could not find any mechanical issues, linkgaes are near identical, radio travel / limits setting are same, only a slight difference in sub-trim which cannot be fully avoided. Something could have gone wrong learning zero and end points maybe or something else we did. Anyway, we updated sofware as quite an old version and ran flight assist on ground to check effect of gain on travel and all seems good now:):) ready to test fly again. Thanks for your time.