sparkswitch activation problem

  • hello,
    I found it impossible to have a consistent reaction from my sparkswitch, no matter which control I use on the transmitter, a futaba 10cg. the receiver is a 6014 , and some fellows told me that the signal might be too weak ? engine is a DLE 50 with DLE ignition. as it is also very likely that I am doing something wrong in programming the transmitter, your help would be very much welcome . thanks and best regards

  • Hello,

    I have a couple of SparkSwitch Pro units and cannot seem to activate it following the BlueCom and SparkSwitch Pro instructions.

    The Bluecom is found by the Android Powerbox application on my phone however there is nothing that indicates andint to do in setting the Telemetry System.

    Also checked the forum and online for a video solution along with others, not having any luck.

    I do not have a Power Box, is this the only wat the SparkSwitch Pro will work, can't us it without a Power Box?

    Using a Futaba system with a 14SG radio.

    What am I missing.

    Thanks, Roly

  • Hallo,

    you can use SparkSwitch Pro directly connected to Rx in two ways:

    1. PWM channel connected to SparkSwitch

    2. Using S.Bus2 (Futaba)

    I do not know Android version, I hope that it is the same as iOS :-) You can simply setup SparkSwitch as you want, Be aware about setup of voltage! When you are using full 2 cell voltage, please disable internal regulator in SparkSwitch Pro - in setup.

    Hope it will help

    Have a nice day


  • Hello,

    Thanks for the information, I ordered the USB wire, received and did the download, set the SparkSwitch Pro up per instructions on the s-Bus (Futaba) however it will not work for me.

    The Activation for the ignition is set on Chanel 12 with a switch. Using a S-Bus2. Let us know when or if the apps are working.

    Using a Futaba 14SG.

    Thanks, Roly:???:

  • Hello Richard,

    Thanks for the information, I managed to get the switch working via the PWM channel, it works fine.

    • Didn't realize that the switch will only work hooked up to the PWM channel via the S-Bus 2 hub to the receiver "S-Bus 2" socket. Somehow missed that in the instructions?
    • I am using 1 wire, from the Firewall, connected the S-Bus 2 receiver connection via a S-Bus hub at the firewall..
      • Hope that the SparkSwitch Pro Telemetry signal via the "Telemetry and Data" socket, via the Firewall S-bus hub will go down the same wire to the S-Bus 2 receiver socket.
    • Question, should the Telemetry from the SparkSwitch Pro work as I have described the connections?

    Thanks again for your help.


  • Hello Richard,

    After more follow-up I have found that the Ignition indication light connections are hooked up backwards and I have ruined two of the led ignition on lights. This also fooled me into thinking the SmartSwitch Pro was not working.

    • I tested the marked leads with a volt meter and the negative indicated lead is positive and the Positive negative. So now I'm waiting for two more lights.

    Also I am unable to get any temperature readings from the Telemetry sensor. May have something from the RPM and should I be getting a voltage reading?

    In any case this has been an experience, the switch itself works however it appears not the telemetry or ignition on light.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks, Roly

  • Hello,

    We can send you new LED cables- but normally they don´t become damaged from inverted connection...

    So you don´t get any telemetry or is only temperatur and voltage missing? Did you connect the Data port from the SparkSwitch directly to the receiver S.BUS2 ?

  • Hello Richard,

    Thanks, I found the problem by testing the leads with the switch on and the light connections on the Switch are backwards, the Positive is actually the Negative lead. As a result the lights that came with the switch were ruined. I just hooked up another LED light I have and it works fine however the leads are connected to the switch backwards, Black lead to Positive on the Switch and Red lead to the Negative.

    • Checked the light that came with the switch and it does not work, did however only for a few seconds.

    That is correct I don't appear to get any telemetry. I tried the direct connection to the receiver S-Bus 2 socket to see if there is any change and no it appears no telemetry is showing voltatge of the ignition battery does not show and I turned the switch off and on a few times, new light continues to work..

    At lease I figured out the switching problem and the ignition light.

    Let me know what you think.



  • Hello Richard, I will go back to basics and try again.

    One concern is the 'Ignition Light' connection on the side of the SparkSwitch Pro it shows the polarity + and -. When tested the + is actually - and the - is actually +. the ignition connection is marked the same and it is o.k. per the markings. Both the SparkSwitchs I have are the same. Is this right or does it matter whether the LED light connections are reversed?

  • Good you changed that sticker, it will for sure help others.

    Well the light does not work. Even took the LED light off and soldered another on and it works fine.

    I have spent a lot of time, many, many hours, in research and trying and the telemetry absolutely does not work with my 14SG radio and the Futaba 7008 receiver.

    • The good thing is I have learned a lot more about the Radio and telemetry programming.
    • The down side along with the many hours of trying to get it working as advertised is I have spent a lot of extra money getting PowerBox accessories to try and get the PowerBox SparkSwitch Pro to work.

    I will give up and be happy that the switch works on the ignition. Will get the Futaba Telemetry sensors I need to monitor the engine.

    Thanks for your help on this, let me know if you find anything new to try, for sure will try it.