iOS Mobile Terminal BlueCom App

  • Hello,

    I have a BlueCom installed on my iOS Apple phone. I experience that the app is very unstable. It connected to the phone imidelty and seamlessly, but it took a lot of hazzle to get it to connect to the PB Source.

    When attempting connecting to SparkSwitch Pro it simply refuse to connect. When trying failsafe mode, it say that "feature not availble for this device"

    Anything I do wrong?

  • Hello,

    pls check the Source input plastic housing is wrong, maybe it was reverse connected. The orange signal wire shows towards the box, the brown ground wire to the edge of the PowerBox

  • hello, I'm sure you connected BlueCom in the opposite way. It is the exact behavior of the app when BlueCom has a power supply but not communicate.

    Hello Rudolf and Richard,

    Yes I do, and I cant see who I can connect it reversed. The shape of the female connector on the Souce is shaped so that you can only connect it with the signal wire (orange) towards the edge

    Note that I have been able to connect the Source to the App and enter the software (once). --> So the connection should be correct.

    But the app crash in 99.9% off all attempts to connect. The Source icon simply do not respond and then eventually the App crash and you have to restart the App. Bluetooth seems to connect fine.

  • You should put Bluecom into the Data port, it means the cable with the orange signal. I'm absolutely sure, that Loarl connected cable in the opposite way, instead of the signal is ground. In that case, BlueCom is active, because has power, but not communicate. Bluecom has consumption less than 20ma, therefore signal wire in Source is as ground and voltage + are normally in the middle. The app recognizes BlueCom, but unable to communicate.

    Generally, put connector with the signal as is shown :-)



  • Rudolf,

    Thanks, I got it now. The plugs where very tight fir but after some negotiations I managed to get the connectors in the right way.

    The app is still unstable but now connect and set the settings required in the Source

    thanks for your patience ?

  • Hello all,

    7 weeks old version 3.24 is finally available. It is a version with Pioneer, without some other changes, whose I announced for version 3.25.

    We finally resolved with Apple the delay, never it will be repeated, we changed contract and Apple guarantee max 48 hours releasing time.

    Today not, don't want to release a new app in a hurry, but tomorrow I will release 3.25 with a lot of new things, about which we are speaking last almost two months.

    Sorry for the delay, really big company as Apple, can have some issues as well!

    have a great start to the new week



  • Is there anyone else experiencing that the iOS app version crash constantly? 3.25 seems to have the same problem.

    The app work great when it’s not crashing.

    Normally the sequence is:

    1. Connect the BT unit to the Source and Open the app. Allow the app updates itself

    2. Select ”Accessories”

    3. Assure blue BT signal is on

    4. Select Source

    5. App crash the moment when I try to enter the source

    6. After 5-10 attempts it often opens and works fine... sometime it crash a few sec after it’s opens..

    Using a iPhone X

  • hm, tried several times all categories (Source is under PowerBox Systems category) and can't get crash. But debugging different versions of iOS, maybe will find out something. Thanks for your input.