iOS Mobile Terminal BlueCom App

  • Hi


    I tried to connect on the same way, as I have done this in the past 1,5 Year and you explained earlier in some threads.:

    The Countdown in the App is necessary to „prepare“ the unit for connection


    „...Press Button on a wrong time..“

    What means „wrong time“? So it was randomized in the past when the unit was answering and/or working?

    Your explanation is a different way to connect to a unit as described in the past:

    Establish a connection to BlueCom-Adapter until the blue icon appears in the right bottom corner, connect a battery to your device direct or with a Y-Cable, connect the Y-Cable to BlueCom and press the icon of your device.

    In this way I configured Mercury, iGyro 3e and GPS in the past without any problems,.. if the App was working and didn‘t crashed on any reason.

    Even from your support team was picture mailed (GPS II Update) how a setup of GPS must work with mobile terminal. No Word to „prepare“ the GPS only with a battery for fast blinking.

    In case of Futaba you mentioned it needs up to one minute,..ok. But Futaba was not selected and the Countdown in the App should especially allow GPS Preperation for communication as I understood.

    Ok,... i will take care about this way.:/

    But with all respect to your and employees work,... it is a little bit strange :saint:

    Regards Rainer

  • As I explained earlier, a 10-second countdown is needed for switching of the unit to program mode - preparing the unit for programming. In the case of GPS II it is indicated by slow/fast blinking: after 10 seconds fast blinking - the unit is prepared for programming/setup. I think that it is absolutely clear, even we use working preparation or wait or something else.

    The app is working in the absolutely same way as in the past, nothing was changed in connection with the unit. It is still one method: send request/receive response if the unit is ready/prepared....

    Honestly, I can't see anything strange in that

    have a nice evening


  • New version for both platforms iOS and Android were released and available.

    Version 3.36


    Rudi - happy to share that 3.36 resolves the issue I reported in previous versions when connecting to Pioneer, the ‘Tx System’ setting changed randomly. Now when connecting Jeti EX selection persists. Also more stable on iOS 14.2.1/iPhone 12 Max Pro.