igyro 3xtra will notset the installed position


    I am trying to install my new igyro 3xtra. The instructions say to first "set the installed position" by turning on power while holding down the white button. When I do this the 5 leds sequentially flash red and keep repeating. Like they are scanning for something. I let it scan for 5 minutes before giving up. Also the instruction manual says to plug in the receiver jumpers and the control surfaces but it does not tell where they get plugged in. I guessed the side that has a "Gain" socket is the receiver side. I hope I did not mess it up by plugging in the receiver jumpers to this side of the gyro.

  • Hello,

    yes- the receiver is connected to the gain side. What receiver is connected? We found out that with slower signal framerate it sometimes doesn´t start - we made an update

  • I tried doing an update using the BlueCom Adapter for ios and my iphone. It said the current software is ver 1.3 and did not appear to do anything. The igyro still will not "set installed position". The five leds just keep blinking in sequence when I start the model with the white button held down. The receiver is still at 18ms frame rate. There is no way to change the receiver frame rate.

  • Good news. I pulled a receiver from another plane, hooked it up and all works as described in the manual. It is the same make and model receiver as the one that did not initialize and everything else about it seemed to work fine.

    Thanks for all your help. I'll be test flying tomorrow even though it is bitter cold here in the North East US. It is an Extreme Flight Laser that is supposed to be a good flying plane.

    Thanks Again,