Core with servos glitches

  • Hi Richard

    Hope you can help. Got 2 large scale planes with royal srs, pbr9 (2 each) using powerbus to bus for elev and rudder. All firmware rx and Core have latest updates. With the Core close to the aircraft every couple of minutes the servos glitch (quick jump up and down). It seems that it only happens on servos connected to powerbus (powerbus to bus). Interesting both aircraft does the same so can't be airframe specific.

    Is it anything of concern as these aircraft are new and just setup ready for test flights?


  • Hi,
    This happened on my Tutor in the workshop and in close proximity on the ground. I was using Futaba originally and then Core.Same thing happened so I removed the power bus system and wired conventionally. The problem disappeared.
    This also happened on another jet a CARF Viper on Futaba . I removed powerbus and went conventional with Core. Problem stopped.


  • Richard. No failsafe postions are stored yet except sparkswitch pro for ignition.

    TMS. I'll try move radio further away and see if it's gone.

    David that's interesting because it looks like it's only on powerbus connected servos. Richard are you aware of this and do you agree to wire servos conventionally? I like the powerbus systems as it simplifies the wiring a lot.....