Futaba 18MZ radio with mercury SRS telemetry ‘imperial vs metric’

  • Mercury SRS(v10) + GPS II, on Futaba 18MZ with dual R7006SB RX - telemetry enabled and working. Normally selecting units ( imperial vs metric on radio) changes the telemetry data (units) - the GPS data from PB is only showing metric - can this be changed - how?

  • Hello together

    unit change/calculation from metric to imperial and vice versa is always done in the Futaba transmitter.

    There is no command inside Sbus2 telemetry from Futaba in order to tell the sensor imperial or metric.

    The sensor must always deliver metric values (data)

    With other words Futab has to fix this issue inside the Transmitter Software.



    CB Elektronics

  • Last year I built my own telemetry converter fuel level (jet central) indicator. Futaba has no fuel indicator , so I utilized a temperature sensor, which allowed me to assign a alarm at temperature. The conversion was 0-100F, and at 20F (20 %) I started my landing sequence. I also have a Futaba GPS unit and the values are in MPH. The difference is the registration sequence - please review your code at register time. You will find that correct indication on units will allow system to convert. I will review my documents and forward specific sequence.