SRS V10 with T18SZ, cannot reverse VT servo

  • I have a mercury v10 with Futaba T18SZ. When am in FM3, which is VT activated mode, the VT servos (rudder and elevator) are working opposite than the rudder and elevator servo.

    I have tried to change the move via gyro settings, normal to reverse, but is not possible.

    Any ideas how to do it? Thanks in advance fr yr assistance!

  • Hello,

    is the servos moving from controll side(transmitter) or from gyro side?

    If the control is wrong, use the servomatching function in the PowerBox to reverse this output.

    For more adjustment options you can use the normal plane setup (Assistant) and make the VT setup (mixing) from the radio

  • Hi Richard,

    Servo moving from gyro. I cannot see it in the TX servo moves at all.

    I already tried and failed, the servo matching.

    I tryied also with bluecom to reverse action but managed to change only elevator vt servo. The rudder cannot be connected with the bluecom i dont know why.

    I ordered the usb cable today to see if i can do it through the laptop.

    In any case i will post my results in due course.

    Thanks and happy new year.