Hooking up sensors to SparkSwitch pro

  • Your instructions leave a bit to be desired.

    I'm having issues with getting multiple sensors working.


    Jeti DS-24 - Firmware 5.02

    Jeti REX 7 - Firmware 1.13

    I'm trying to hook up the following.

    SparkSwitch Pro - Telemetry set to Jeti EX, there is no JetiBox option.

    RPM Pickup - how is this connected with a Y?

    PBS Dock - Set to Jeti EX - does this plug up to the SparkPro or to the RX?

    Instructions for RPM pickup say - plug up to Y, does the Y harness go on PB spark switch side or RX side? When I plug up the RPM pickup to a Y, then everything blinks on the screen.

    I can only get the sparkpro to work on the ext, it will not work in E1 or E2 ports.

    Again, some diagrams would help us idiots out. Is this firmware related with jeti?

  • Hello,

    JETI EX Telemetry = Jeti Box

    Jeti EX BUS = Jeti EX BUS

    Confusing - I know!


    The RPM pickup and the ignition(Power) is connected to a Y-harness. Then connect this Y-harness into the output of the SparkSwitch Pro


    PBS Dock cannot be used for Jeti - Jeti doesn´t have a real bus system with adresses. So if you want to connect more sensors you need a Telemetry expander from Jeti

  • Good morning. I have a similar problem with my new PBS-RPM AND PBS-T250 sensors. Running Jeti DS 16 with two R3 RSW Sat receivers connected to a POWERBOX COMPETITION SRS. I have powerbox telemetry but no sensor telemetry. The powerbox telemetry is connected to the one SAT receiver AND the PBS sensors to the other via the EXT port. I have used a JETI expander and then tried individually. I can only get the RPM to display zero by programming JETIBOX and not JETI EX to the sensor. I was using JETI sensors which were eratic thus the change to powerbox. What have I set up wrong. The T250 have been updated to the new software version.

  • Hi Richard. I set them both up for JETIBOX. So now I have temperature and its working fine. The RPM is showing 0 and seems to take a while to register once I turn the aircraft on. It is not reading RPM, sometimes flashes and then just shows zero. Could you confirm the preferred method of fitting the RPM sensor to the HT LEADS FROM THE IGNITION UNIT. I have wound it around the right hand ignition lead just behind the spark plug cap. How much of the sensor lead do I have to attach to the ignition lead

  • I removed the Jeti expander and used a powerbox dock for both sensors.

    Hello Charl,

    this is not like the Jetibox telemetry works. Jeti has always a master slave connection point to point.

    It is not a bus telemetry system. The Jeti Expander is we call it a active data concentrator. You can not replace it with a pasive V splitter like the PBS dock.

    PBS dock is made for bus Systems like CORE P2B or Multiplex MSB for example.

    May your solution will work on a first view but two Jetibox sensors connected via a V- connector will produce data collisons.

    This will end in lost of telemetry data.

    For further Information check out the Jetibox telemetry discription (Manual) at the Jeti webside.



  • Thanks Dirk. I presumed there was a collision between the jeti expander and the PBS sensors. Thus I have removed all JETI sensors and the JETI expander and will keep them together for another installation. I am now running PBS T250 and PBS RPM into a PBS dock and then into the EXT port of my JETI SAT receiver. I only obtain TEMP readings and no RPM. Could this be because the JETI SAT receiver cannot decipher two sets of data from the POWERBOX sensors

  • Hi Dirk, I have re-read your post. Would you suggest I use the JETI EXPANDER rather than the PBS DOCK to connect my Powerbox TEMP AND RPM sensors to the EXT port. In fact I have just re-read Richards post and it is beginning to make sense now. In order to read two POWERBOX sensors, I must use the JETI expander and not the PBS DOCK. The PBS DOCK cannot separate the two data signals. Confirm.

  • Hello Charl,

    yes i confirm. Your view is right. PBD-Dock can not separate two Jeti or Jeti compatible sensors

    At Jeti telemetry you need always a separate port connection for each sensor.

    You have different choices in order to achieve this:

    1. You are using Jeti REX Receivers. These Receivers will give you 3 port connector for 3 sensors. The sensors can run on the old Jeti EX telemetry standart (9600 Baud data rate) or the new Jeti EXbus with 125/250K Baud. You must always maually setup the the REX telemetry port to EX or EXbus.

    2. You are using a Expander E2 or E4. At these telemetry Expanders you can only connect the old Standard Jeti EX compatible sensors. Not EXbus!!!

    So my recommandation is:

    1. If you have sensor that are able to provide EXbus telemetry, use REX Receivers. A mixture of EX and EXbus is also possible. (Max. 3 sensors)

    2. If you have only std. EX telemetry sensors, you can use REX Receivers or non REX receiver. The non REX Receivers then with a Expander.



    CB Elektronics


  • Thank you. I will give that a try next week when I return. I might have to include the sensors I have and connections I have done to clarify. I will start with the PBS T250 AND RPM connected into my JETI E2 expander and then plugged into the EXT port of the one R3 RSW Sat receiver. If that fails I will try individually into the SAT RECEIVER one on the EXT port and the other in one of the avail ports. just not sure what to program hose extra ports as, Digital in or out. Appreciate the help.