Setup 5.9V or 7.4V

  • Hello

    I should be the following setup:

    powerbox Competition

    Hitec 7990TH 3 pieces aileron and rudder
    Hitec 7955TG 2 pieces elevators
    Savox digital gas.

    So I'm going to use the powerbox Competition regulator and two 2 cells lipo battery.

    Is it OK if the configuration to use 5.9V voltage?

    Another possibility would be to use 7.4v voltage because the servos Hitec 7990 is rated to withstand that power, but those other servos do not produce sustainable because they are intended to 6V DC.

    Is Competition in a choice of two different voltage is servo, then get that configuration to work.

    Aircraft to which these will be in the range of 100cc and span 2.7m weight n.13kg.

    Thanks for your response.