• hi after updating my mercury the mixing in fm3 of the vector no longer takes place as never before it worked correctly with v8 if you kindly give me urgent info because I am now stopped with the model thanks

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  • Hi I have another powerbo mercury without updating von v.8 and it works without mixing on the radio while the one installed and updating to v10 no longer mixes you could explain to me why thanks if you give me urgent info

  • sorry if nothing has changed because you advise me to mix from the radio if the pcb already does this type of mix by setting norm-vt if you explain me i have 4 mercuri powerboxes all updated av 10 and a v8 only on the v8 the mix works me you know a lot of a bag now you have blocked with last update also the functioning of the usb jeti breast I was returning to the old v8 I hope not diua problems the v10 because my models have mercury powerbox tutter and I would not want problems and so strange as well that I recommend to do the mix on the radio I hope you answer me shortly because I don't know how to solve

  • I setup a Mercury with receiver and used the setup assistant to test your problem: there is no problem. All VT mixing is correct. The Vector control is activated in FM3 and deactivated in FM1/FM2.

    All is as it should be in Version 10