carf eurosport with core and mercury srs

    • I am setting up a CARF Eurosport with thrust vectoring. The radio is CORE with Mercury SRS. When I setup the airplane on the Radio, I chose Delta A left and Delta A right. SHOULD IT BE DELTA B RIGHT?

      I assigned servo 1 and 2 for these functions. It shows up as Delta Ail and Delta Ele in the functions menu. For thrust vectoring I assigned channel 9 for Elevator vectoring and channel 8 for Rudder vecroring. On the Mercury SRS, I chose Delta + VT. Now, when I go through the setup assistant on the Mercury, the first step for choosing aileron control works fine. It chooses Delta-A with channel 1. But for elevator control it chooses Delta B and Ele Vectroing. Here the channels get swapped. The Ail R (delta-A Right) channel 2 gets assigned as channel 9, which is infact the elevator vectoring channel. And the Elevator vectoring channel gets the Ail R, channel 2.

      Any advice?



  • Hello,

    why Delta B? You only have Delta A in this plane.

    If you choose Delta+VT you have no option to setup special Flightmode conditions to the Vector - it´s only working in FM3 of the PowerBox

    If you do this you need only 1x Aileron, 1x Elevator, 1x Rudder. No vector channels in the radio.

  • OK I Tried this.

    Delta A Ail (left wing)- channel 1

    Delta A Ele (right wing)- channel 2

    Rudder - channel 3

    I have not assigned VT E and VT R channels on the Core.

    I have not even assigned Steering and Canards yet, since it could interfere with the gyro setup.

    When I go to setup assistant on the mercury these are the screen shots.

    The MOVE AILERON page shows Delta A and CH 1... which is FINE.

    The MOVE ELEVATOR page shows Delta B (why delta B) and it chooses CH 1 again. Should it not choose CH 2 since I assigned CH 2 to Delta A ELE? Instead it chose VT Ele on CH 2. Is this normal?

    After going through the entire process, I find that the elevator function doesnt work on the LEFT wing. However, both Ailerons work and the BOTH VT works on FM3. But ELEVATOR wont work on the LEFT WING.

    What am I doing wrong?



  • 1. Is there a way to change the model wing type of an already created model? Or do I need to make a new model?

    2. If I choose normal model and setup a delta, how do I assign left wing and right wing elevons?

    Ail L and AIL R

    ELE L and ELE R

    Ail L and ELE R

    Which 2 functions will get the servo 1 and 2 assignment for them to work correctly as elevons eventually?



  • Hello

    I have setup on the Mercury as DELTA.

    Elevator L as Servo 1 PORT A

    Aileron R as Servo 2 PORT D

    Rudder A as Servo 3 PORT G

    Rudder B (steering) as Servo 4 PORT H

    Vector Elevator as Servo 10 PORT L

    Vector Rudder as Servo 11 PORT O

    I have been able to make things work so far. However, the VT servos dont move at all. They have been assigned the same controls as RUDDER AND ELEVATOR. In the output mapping I have assigned Port L and Port O as Vect E and Vect R. Should I give it a direct servo number 10 and 11?

    When I try to adjust the CENTER of the right wing both wing servos centers move. Is this because the delta mixing is now from powerbox and not from radio? I had to go to powerbox and adjust the center from the end point menu.