Diversity, True Diversity or MIMO?

  • Hello Powerbox Support team,

    I was wondering if you'll can tell me a little about the Receiver and the way it works.

    Are you switching between the Antennas before the incoming signal is going into the receiver or is every Antenna connected to a receiver module and is switching happening after the modules? If so:

    - 1 - Are you Switching only by weak signal only (Diversity),

    - 2 - Or are all antennas connected to a receiver module monitored by signal strength (RSSI or Bit Error Rate) and based on that it will switch to the strongest antenna (True Diversity),

    - 3 - The last option. Are you using all antennas at the same time (MIMO, Multiple-In-Multiple-Out)?

    Is this the same for uplink as well for the downlink (Telemetry)

    Please let me know.

    Best regards,

    John van Gastel

  • jag.vangastel

    Changed the title of the thread from “True diversity or switching diversity?” to “Diversity, True Diversity or MIMO?”.