3xtra Update Stuck at 56% & Failsafe Problems

  • Sirs,

    I have a Igyro 3xtra installed with a Futaba R7014SB and using a 14SG transmitter. The Mobile Terminal APP is version 2.16 and I am using a Bluecom bluetoothing to an Android Galaxy 9.When the adapter connected it wanted me to update the firmware from V1.2 to V1.3 but when I make the attempt it gets hung up at 56% on every attempt.. I have let it set for as much as half an hour with no success.

    On another note when I tested the Futaba Failsafe by turning off the transmitter the rudder goes 1/4 right rudder, one aileron goes down about 3/4" down and the other goes down about 1/4", throttle moves to half throttle, and the elevator stays level as it should as the controls are not being touched. The Failsafe is set for holding the surfaces last position and the throttle goes to just above the idle position.