Is the PB smokepump brushless?

  • Hi. I'm looking to install the PB smokepump in a new project. I have read through the documentation and the forums, but wasn't able to find an answer to this question.

    The Saito radial has the rear facing carb that extends through the firewall into the main fuselage area. The concern is that gas fumes could sit in the fuselage such that a spark (e.g. from a brushed motor/pump) could ignite them. This risk is mentioned several times in the TME smoke pump installation manual, meaning that system will not work.

    Is the PB pump a brushless/sparkless unit?

  • Hello,

    no - it´s a normal motor. Brushless makes sense if energy must be used as it´s best or if you need thousands of hours run time.

    For your concern: The Motors Spark has no contact to outside. The Pump is totally closed. I see no way that fumes go into it and ignite.